Help us Celebrate our 10 Year Anniversary!

Step 1: Watch the video. Click on this link as clicking below will not work.

 Step 2: Contribute to our next 10 years. 

As we celebrate 10 years running our 3 main programs here in Puerto Plata, we have 3 main needs:

  1. Get ALL of our students sponsored. The number now is around 225. We have 97 sponsored. We have issues with leaky roofs, sporadic water, lack of fans, chain link walls where solid walls are needed, lack of books and materials, lack of school secretaries and psychologists that hinder our ability to obtain our own accreditation… all of which could be addressed if we had ALL of our students sponsored!
  2. Finish paying off the loan that helped us to finish purchasing the school in Padre Granero. ($64,860)
  3. Finish paying for the group home land that we have already built on, but still owe a bit of money. ($3,000)

Each 5 dollars you contribute will enter your name into a raffle for this 20x24 in. painting that artist Wendy Joseph created to depict our work. We're also throwing in a leather-covered bottle, handmade here in Puerto Plata. The raffle will take place on Easter Sunday, April 16th. Donate via paypal (button at top right) if you would rather, or check, (made out to Project Esperanza, mailed to 1291 Valley Mill Rd. Winchester, VA 22602).

Step 3. Share the video with others!

You may also enjoy listening to this podcast interview of Project Esperanza co-founder and director Caitlin McHale where she shares about the past 10 years.

You may also enjoy watching the video from 10 years ago when we first got started!