We rent a large, orange, one-story house just 2.5 blocks off of the shore in downtown Puerto Plata. In this building we currently have space and bunks for nine volunteers or visitors, along with a full bathroom, kitchen, and backyard patio. Larger volunteer groups with up to 12 participants can be accommodated if planned far enough ahead of time. The front porch and front half of the building is used for an art shop where jewelry, paintings, and other beautiful works created by local artists are sold in a fair trade fashion. There is also a room designated to private English lessons as the building was used as the Change My Stars English Immersion Camp and camp counselor housing this past summer, and will likely be the site for that for the summer of 2012 as well. Yoga classes are often offered by hostel residents and wifi is available. 

We invite you to come and stay at the hostel, whether for a few days or a few months, and be a part of all that we have going on!  

1 Bunk Bed/Cot


1 month


1 week


1 night (min. 3 nights)


E-mail to book and discuss your stay.

Hostel phone: 809-261-5537

Address: Calle 12 de Julio No. 38 Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

We currently could use volunteers to help out with some activity that we have going on with the art shop at the hostel. This could possibly lead to a paid position for some in the future. There also is potential opportunity for anyone skilled teaching English to Spanish speakers. If someone is interested in planning independent projects serving our grassroots schools and the communities they serve then we can discuss that as well. 


The hostel is really a great location for anyone wishing to join together with others to learn about and experiment with sustainable development. We attempt to work together with other groups and individuals leading development efforts in the area and to maintain open communication. We have found that united we can truly move forward with advancement for the community as a whole. Divided, we create division and competition, which has many undesired effects. Within the hostel, we have some specific house practices to assure that potential problems are avoided.

The following photos were taken by Emilie Richardson and Katie Matthews: