Jewelry Group of Muñoz

A Virginia Tech volunteer group began teaching women in the community of Muñoz how to make friendship bracelets during a trip in March 2010. Since then, a series of volunteers, visitors, and interns have taught new skills to the women in the group. These women have little to no opportunity for employment and have displayed great gratitude and interest in learning this trade. Many have communicated that selling an item or two to a volunteer has provided food for their family on many occasions. In June 2011 we opened the Project Esperanza Art Shop of Muñoz where the work of this group is sold to passing tourists and the volunteer community. In October 2011 we launched the online Project Esperanza Art Shop

Below is an interview with one woman in the group. More to come.  

Filmed, edited, and directed by Whitney Clark. Interpreted by Caitlin McHale.