Monthly Sponsor

Project Esperanza now has a minimal monthly budget of $6,065.00 which covers basic expenses and does not include the salary of any developed country citizen, an emergency fund, physical maintenance of facilities (in reference to repairs), or the purchase of new materials. Our budget has increased over the past few years due to the need to hire more qualified teachers in order to obtain accreditation for our schools. We also purchased a school building but make monthly mortgage payments. This monthly budget covers:

  • monthly pay for 2 grassroots school teaching directors, 14 teachers, 3 cleaning/watchman staff, 1 cook, supplemented school meals supplies.
  • rent/mortgage payments, utilities, and cleaning for two school buildings/community centers
  • school supplies (although we do receive many donated supplies, thank you!)
  • Mortgage payments, electricity, & cleaning supplies for a group home facility
  • food and water for a group home
  • transportation costs traveling to and from school for group home residents
  • soccer team expenses (transportation, water, coach stipend)
  • daipers, milk, and food for an abandoned toddler in our care
  • pay for the toddler's caregiver
  • transportation costs for administrative purposes (within the Puerto Plata city only)
  • communication costs (phone & Internet) for administrative purposes
  • rent for a storage/office facility
  • international money transfer fees

If you have been following or supporting over the years, you will see that the budget has gone up significantly from September 2014 to September 2017. This is due to the fact that we are trying to do all things within the standards of the Ministry of Education in order to achieve accreditation for our schools. We have had to let some teachers go and hire new teachers and directors with higher salaries in order to meet the lisencing requirements of the Ministry.  

Since we began functioning in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic in 2006, funds have been raised through merchandise sales, creative fundraisers led by teams of volunteers, and through donations. In the past few years, our student sponsorship program has helped to supplement our monthly sponsorships, as well as a small donation built into volunteer trip fees.  Currently, our largest source of revenue comes from donations built into volunteer trip fees. While all other forms of income are sporadic, we are provided with a certain amount of stability from our trusty monthly sponsors.

Annual Monthly Sponsorship Updates

  • As of September 1, 2011, we received $733 each month from 14 monthly sponsors. This left us falling $1,910 short each month.
  • As of September 1, 2012, Project Esperanza received $1,479.25 from 21 monthly sponsors, each donating between $30 and $400 monthly. This left us $1,163.75 short of this goal each month.
  • As of September 1, 2013, Project Esperanza received $1,292.83 from 18 monthly sponsors, each donating between $25 and $400 monthly. This left us falling $1,350.17 short each month.
  • As of September 1, 2014, Project Esperanza received $1,304.20 from 19 monthly sponsors, each donating between $20 and $200 monthly. This left us falling $1,882.32 short each month.
  • As of September 1, 2015, Project Esperanza received $1,658.00 from 22 monthly sponsors, each donating between $20 and $242 monthly. This leaves us falling $3,060.27 short each month, causing us to lead other efforts to close the gap. 
  • As of September 1, 2016, Project Esperanza received $1,423.00 from 22 monthly sponsors, each donating between $20 and $230 monthly. This left us $4,642.00 short each month, although student sponsorships, random donations, and income from donations built into volunteer trip fees are what currently bridge this gap. Can you help us to close this gap, allowing us to spend less time on fundraising and more time on service? 

How it Works: Project Esperanza receives funds through direct withdrawal, checks mailed in by sponsors. We can also receive paypal donations, and some have found paypal's automatic reoccuring donation system to be convenient. The direct withdrawal or reoccuring donations option provides us with the most stability and saves sponsors from having to send in checks monthly. We also prefer that sponsors give monthly rather than send a yearly check because having the funds available each month rather than all at once helps us to manage them more successfully. 

Our Goal: We hope to increase our reliable monthly income that comes from sponsors to safely cover our monthly expenses. This will allow other sources of sporadic income (fundraisers, merchandise sales, & one time donations) to be used for additional expenses and growth efforts. We fall grossly short of this goal each month. We would, of course, hope to exceed this to be able to not only survive, but thrive, providing healthier meals, more education, more outreach to people who still receive no aid, etc. But first, we hope to maintain what we have begun, and we have been patient in keeping our budget at a bare minimum until we do that. To learn more about the organization's finances, visit GuideStar.

Monthly sponsors receive frequent updates from Project Esperanza's director on the ground in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. These updates provide great insight into the situation faced and the work being done. Past and current sponsors have made such comments as:


“Thanks for the updates you have been sending. It makes a huge difference to hear your stories from the ground.”

                                  - Bradford Walker

“I think you should publish this journal. I am fascinated by your writings. Could you please email chapters 1-4?? I have not been this intrigued by anything in a long time!” 

                                 - Bobbie Meier


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E-mail to receive your Sponsorship Form and learn about payment options. Thank you for helping us better serve those in the most need, who have no access to healthy opportunities. We are working hard to change that.