Restaurant Nights

What is a restaurant night?

         Restaurant nights are monthly events we have set up in order to engage community members in efforts to easily, practically, and enjoyable fundraise for Project Esperanza’s ongoing programs. Every first Tuesday of each month we partner with a different restaurant in participating areas, (except for Glory Days Grill which is open the whole month!). We encourage as many of our supporters as possible to bring friends, family, and co-workers to eat at that month’s designated restaurant during the designated time. Supporters should tell the server or cashier that they are there in support of Project Esperanza. In some cases, the server may ask supporters to place the receipt from their meals in a box. The restaurant then donates between 10 and 20 percent of those sales to the organization, (with the exception of Chipotle which donates 50 percent!).

What are the participating areas?

How can I get involved? 

            Attend & Advertise: If you live in a participating area, you can help out greatly by printing the appropriate attached document and distributing it to friends, family, co-workers, and classmates, encouraging and reminding them to attend the restaurant nights. This is very easy and can be fun! 

            Start Something in Your Area: If you would like to set up restaurant nights in your area where they are not already set up, e-mail to look into the possibility. If it makes sense to set up restaurant nights in your area, you will receive the necessary supportive documents to guide you and facilitate communication with restaurant owners and managers.

            Become a Coordinator: If you would like to become a coordinator of the monthly restaurant nights in your area, please e-mail The main responsibilities of a coordinator are maintaining communication with restaurant owners and managers, confirming events beforehand, making sure they go well, and assuring that Project Esperanza receives the check after the event. After the first year of successful monthly restaurant night, the coordinator confirms the schedule for the following year, which isn't difficult after a successful year. All necessary supportive documents and spreadsheets will be provided. 

If you cannot support Project Esperanza in any other way, we hope that you will participate in our monthly restaurant nights! A little participation from many people can make a huge difference for our ongoing programs! Thank you for your participation!