2018-2019 Student Sponsorships

We are currently seeking people to sponsor students in our grassroots schools for the 2018-2019 school year. The commitment is a one time donation of $150 and sponsors receive a profile (through a pdf e-mail attachment) of the student you will support complete with a family picture (or individual if family photo was not possible), along with a link to a Google Drive folder where pictures and schoolwork of your sponsored student will be uploaded throughout the year.

Sponsors re-sponsoring will receive an updated file each year with the child's thoughts from last year and aspirations for this year, as well as some work samples, etc. throughout the year.

Your sponsorship covers materials, school uniform shirt, and school registration which goes toward other ongoing needs, such as building rent and maintenance, teacher salaries, etc . School meals are now included as well!

While this relationship can be challenging with the distance and cultural barriers, it can be very rewarding to know and see the change that you make in a youngster's life.We hope that some wonderful sponsor/sponsoree relationships can develop from this that will last for years and create cultural insight and good fruit in the lives of both parties. Some students' sponsors even support them to go to private school and onto high school after they finish at our school. 


We currently have:

100 students to be sponsored from two schools.


We therefore need:

100 more individuals or groups to sponsor students = $15,000

We invite you to please pitch in by sponsoring one student yourself and sharing the opportunity with friends and families. If you don’t think you can cover the $150, you can also split it among a group. Your group of 5 friends or your 5 person bible study can pitch in $30 each, for example. You can sponsor by sending a check for $150 made out to Project Esperanza to:

Project Esperanza

1291 Valley Mill Rd.

Winchester, VA 22602

**Be sure to put “GRS sponsor” in the memo and send an e-mail to Sponsor@EsperanzaMeansHope.org to inform us that you have sent in your sponsorship donation and the e-mail address to which we should send the student profile once we receive the donation. If you have a preference of which student you sponsor, please mention name. 

Or you can donate here through paypal. Paypal charges 2.5% so be sure to donate $153.75, to include the same message as if you were writing a check, and to e-mail Sponsor@EsperanzaMeansHope.org as well, letting us know of your donation and your e-mail address. Again, if you have a preference of which student you sponsor, please mention their name.