Join us this summer to see and participate in our work first hand!

This trip involves a combination of education and recreational activities with community members, as well as hands on eco-construction projects. We will do  an English immersion camp in the mornings, and we will also be working with community members in the community of Muñoz to build eco-construction projects such as human compost toilets, solar ovens, solar lights, and maybe some gardening as well!

Summer camp runs for 6 weeks from Saturday, June 25th to Saturday, August 6th. Volunteers can come for between one and six weeks. Anyone wishing to help out with teacher training and the first week of school can come August 8th to August 22nd.

Trip costs are $350 for one week, $680 for two weeks, $990 for three weeks, $1,280 for four weeks, $1,550 for five weeks, and $1,800 for six weeks. This covers airport pick up and drop off (if you arrive/leave on the specified Saturdays in Puerto Plata), 3 meals a day, housing, program transportation, program support, and some program materials.  (Donated materials are also appreciated.)

If you are interested in volunteering, please send an e-mail to Those who wish to sign up will be asked to fill out a few forms as well as a $100 non-refundable deposit. The rest of the funds will be due one month before your arrival date. (If you are signing up close to the trip fees deadline, please send in all funds at once.)

Where will voluteers stay? Volunteers stay in a house close to a batey community where most of the students live. It is a secure and friendly place with great staff. Meals are cooked for volunteers at the building.

Volunteers of both programs should be prepared to stay in bunks with a shared bathroom. Volunteers should also be prepared to live fairly conservatively with both water and electricity.