Supesta Soccer Team


Team Spirit

      Soccer has always provided fun for kids that have to work on the streets for a living. When we first started working with them in summer of 2006, the boys would play on a hot asphalt basketball court with bare feet. Now, thanks to the donations of soccer gear and uniforms from schools and teams in the U.S., they have had the chance to form the team of "Supesta" and play regular games against other local teams. Supesta is divided into two sub-teams, one for older kids (Gwo Supesta) and one for younger kids (Ti Supesta). 

      The soccer team has provided them with the chance to learn team work, discipline, and leadership. They practice daily and have gained confidence through working towards a goal together. They have even gotten to travel to different areas to play other teams, and soccer and the local soccer field have become both the fun and the structure that they many of them did not have before.

   But the soccer team also provides a valuable and crucial chance for Project Esperanza to stay in touch with at-risk kids, learn about their situations, and maintain regular communication with them so that we can best help them. Kids who come to practice often end up asking for help with finding jobs, homes, medical care, food, or other needs.