The Community of Padre Granero

     The community of Padre Granero is a barrio located on the east end of the city of Puerto Plata. Going down the main road, it looks like a typical lower class neighborhood with businesses along the way, and some wealthier homes as well. However, going into the alleys, one can observe rooms measuring 8ft by 10ft. housing a family of Haitian immigrants. One 30 ft. alley way may house 8 rooms, each full of a family, sharing one or two toilets.

The barrio is right on the end of the Malecon or boardwalk in Puerto Plata, right along the beach, borded by the resort complex Costa Dorada on the other end. People have learned to make the most of the close proximity to tourists by selling homemade sweets, fruits, kids sell shells, and many people also prostitute themselves. Unfortunately, the Dominican Republic has a large number of tourists who come in search of prostitutes, something that destroys the already burdened families in the depressed communities.

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