Day Visitors

Many people are interested in volunteering or visiting with us for a day. We offer a special afternoon for people who are interested learning about our work and our community! You wil be able to see what a batey is like, recieve a hands-on lesson in how to make sik sik bon bon (a traditional Haitian treat that you'll get to enjoy fresh!), hear a talk from our staff about Project Esperanza's history and current work, see one of our schools, and visit and buy products from local artisans in our fair trade art shop! 

We are open to having you plan a volunteer activity, but keep in mind that for volunteer projects a day often does not feel like enough! Some possible activities may be painting, doing an after-school activitiy in one of our schools, or doing an educational workshop for the community. We ask for a donation of $15 to volunteer with us for a day, or $25 if you would like a meal in our volunteer house. 

Please contact to plan your day with us!