Other Ways to Help

As a small grassroots organization, Project Esperanza relies on donations to cover our monthly budget and program costs. A monetary donation in any amount is greatly appreciated. 

All monetary donations given to Project Esperanza are fully tax-deductable.  Funds donated to Project Esperanza go directly toward covering basic program expenses. 

1. Send in a check to:

                      Project Esperanza

                      1291 Valley Mill Rd.

                      Winchester, VA 22602

2. Donate online via paypal or FORTE (button below).

3. Donate to a specific Project Esperanza program in the name of a loved one and receive a high quality, informational gift card, complete with pictures, to send to your loved one.  More info on that here.

Here are 6 more simple things you can do to support us:

1. Purchase merchandise from our online store or another online store that shares profits with Project Esperanza. You can also shop online with igive.com with Project Esperanza as the benefiting non-profit.

2. Search the Internet using GoodSearch.com with Project Esperanza (Winchester, VA) as your benefiting charity. Project Esperanza receives 1 penny for every search. You can also download the GoodSearch toolbar for Project Esperanza.

3. Attend a restaurant night.

4. Hold a fundraiser among friends, family, co-workers, and others in your area and donate the profit to Project Esperanza. Two successful and interactive fundraising projects are described here and here

5. Share this page and the Project Esperanza website with others that may be interested in getting involved. 

6. Lead your school, office, or church to recycle with Terracycle, again with Project Esperanza as the benefitting non-profit. Check out this Facebook group to see how the beneficiaries in Puerto Plata are also recycling for the cause!

E-mail CaitlinMcHale@EsperanzaMeansHope.org for more information, ideas of collaboration, etc.

Go here to see our monthly budget info.