Covid-19 Update

Thanks to an awesome outpouring of generosity, in April we were able to provide care packages to 157 families. In May, we provided care packages for 207. We raised over $6,500 in to do this!

Packages contained:

  1. a carton of 30 eggs,
  2. a head of garlic,
  3. 4 bouillon cubes,
  4. a 1/2 jug of cooking oil,
  5. 5 pounds of beans,
  6. some plantains, sweet potatoes, and yucca.

We have been on lockdown here in the Dominican Republic since March 18th. There has been a 5pm curfew and masks are required in public. Only essential businesses that sell groceries, pharmacies, health care centers, and agricultural products were allowed to function. On May 20th, the curfew was extended to 7pm and some businesses were allowed open, including hardware stores!

With hardware stores being open, this means that construction projects have resumed, which means that many of our beneficiaries are getting more opportunity for work. Therefore, we don’t feel the need to lead another fundraiser for a sizable food distribution for the month of June. However, we do hope to provide some support. More details on this to come.

We also will not be doing an in-person graduation and awards ceremony as we have in years past, but will be awarding three prizes in each classroom: Best Academic Performance, Best Attendance, and Best Behavior. We have continued to communicate with parents and students who have phones with the app whatsapp, sharing math practice, readings, and excerpts from a Creole encyclopedia.

Thank you for caring!

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