Educational Videos & Materials

We are very excited about a new project we’re working on. Two Virginia Tech professors have joined us on a project of creating educational videos for our parents and students. Students in Dr. Kim Carlson’s Leadership class and students in Dr. Angela Anderson’s Human Nutrition Food & Exercise class spent the past semester researching strategic topics and creating educational videos on the topics, that we feel will be understandable and applicable for our parents and students.

The students even did the bulk of translating these videos into Spanish and Creole. We have done Creole voice overs and finishing touchrs on four of the videos so far. Such videos are more abundant in Spanish, but almost non-existent in Creole. Therefore, there is quite a demand for this work! We are excited to contribute and hope other groups with Creole speakers find them useful.

Here is one video on the scientific method in English:

Here it is in Haitian Creole:

In addition to the educational videos, Thayer Academy senior students, led by Spanish teacher Señora Gloria Blanco spent their last month of school creating educational materials for our students. They created a writing workbook as well as varying materials to be used at our educational farm. They also raised about $500 to help with the printing of books next school year through selling items from our art shop on Thayer’s campus!

We have already put these videos and materials into use as throughout the month of June, our students have been finishing their school year with weekly field trips to the educational farm. Below is a sample from the alphabet field journal, created by Thayer students.

Younger students are working on alphabet field journals, while older students’ field journals have them using the microscope and creating their own experiments.
Students meet Jumbo and learn about the importance of spaying and neutering.

This past week, students met a new street dog we recently adopted, and read a story created by Thayer students, where one man learns to treat his dog well.

Next up: English camp! This year, camp will run from July 5th to July 30th. Updates to come! You can still join us if you would like! E-mail

In August, we’ll be bussing in kids from outside of our schools for a week long camp at the educational farm, where this same material will be covered. The cost per student which includes lunch and transportation in addition to materials, is $35 per student. Sponsor one camper here:

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