Change My Stars English Camp

In 2011, we started a summer English camp. 2020 was the first year since then that it did not take place because we did not have volunteers, due to covid-19. This year, we almost had to cancel it as well for the same reason, unfortunately, but pulled it off with a local teacher who speaks English, some local English speaking volunteers who visit some days, and a set of videos that we created to guide each day of camp. Normally we run camp for around six weeks throughout the summer with age groups rotating through stations. However, this year we are keeping the group smaller by receiving one age group per week.

The 10 videos (opening and closing for each day) are available on YouTube. We are sharing them with the parents of campers who have smart phones so that they can continue to review what they learned at English camp. These videos are made specifically for Haitian Creole speakers, as all of our students speak Haitian Creole.

We plan to modify the videos to have them available for Spanish speakers as well, but we are currently excited to share this set of videos with educators, volunteers, and missions in Haiti. If you use these videos to run your own camp, please write to for ideas of activities to put this vocabulary into fun practice. We would love to hear about how your camp goes!

Lastly, if anyone can help develop worksheets to go along with these videos, which campers can fill in as they go through the videos and take home with them, that would be a great help. Please e-mail if you can help out here. Below you can find two videos per day for a 5 day Beginner’s English camp for Haitian Creole speakers.

Intence game of Down, Down, Up (modified from Duck, Duck, Goose to teach prepositions.

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