Challenges with Deportations

On Monday, many of our students’ parents were afraid to send them to school because Immigration Control was rounding up and deporting many Haitians. Deportations have definitely increased lately. Yesterday morning, Kamryn and I got stuck behind a truck, pictured here. These folks were likely sent to Haiti yesterday, shortly after they were picked up inContinue reading “Challenges with Deportations”

American Airlines Round Trip Flight Raffle

The flight must be within the U.S. mainland. Other restrictions apply. Please see all the restrictions below. At this point, we have two main fundraisers. Both are important and urgent for our school. Click on one or both of the buttons below to see the fundraisers. Donations to our PayPal account will also be grantedContinue reading “American Airlines Round Trip Flight Raffle”

Educational Videos & Materials

We are very excited about a new project we’re working on. Two Virginia Tech professors have joined us on a project of creating educational videos for our parents and students. Students in Dr. Kim Carlson’s Leadership class and students in Dr. Angela Anderson’s Human Nutrition Food & Exercise class spent the past semester researching strategicContinue reading “Educational Videos & Materials”

Happy International Mother Language Day!

Sunday, February 21 was International Mother Language Day. If you are a native English speaker, this day may not mean much to you. For Dominicans living in the Dominican Republic, this also may not mean much to them. However, for our students who were either born in the Dominican Republic to Haitian parents or haveContinue reading “Happy International Mother Language Day!”

Summer Farm Field Trips

Each summer since 2011, we run a summer immersion English camp, usually for six weeks. This year, that isn’t possible due to covid-19. Therefore, we have been bussing 10 kids each day to our volunteer house and “educational farm” in Muñoz. First, the campers have a lesson with horses at our neighbor’s house. He teachesContinue reading “Summer Farm Field Trips”