Environmental Sustainability

One of the first things many of our visitors notice when arriving in the Dominican Republic is the amount of trash in the streets. Environmental sustainability is not a priority, as people have many other concerns and there is little education done on environmental impacts. However, many people here are bothered by the trash and the pollution and want better solutions. The government has started setting up more recycling bins and making efforts in public education. We share these advancements through a Facebook group called Recycle for Puerto Plata.

Project Esperanza works with international volunteers to create sustainable construction projects that help the community and the environment. For example, we have built eco-compost toilets, which turn human waste into sustainable fertilizer. We also provide educational workshops for students and community members about recycling and teach them how to make different things out of recycled products (trash cans, jewelry, etc.) We also collect bottles for recycling as a fundraiser for the community. 

Learn more about our educational farm HERE.

Join us for a sea glass excursion and jewelry making lesson! READ MORE

Glass, metal, and plastic recycling containers at the educational farm.
The 3 Rs in Creole and Spanish.
A recycled art project at the volunteer house / educational farm. Sea glass designs on an old window frame.
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