Fair Trade Art Shop

We started selling fair trade art made by local artists when we opened a shop in Muñoz in June 2011. The goal was to sell handmade jewelry and art to passing tourists and the volunteer community, as well as to fundraise and create awareness for Project Esperanza. We sold on consignment with 60% of our sales go directly to the artists, 12% go to the local store worker and manager, and the rest goes towards Project Esperanza program support. 

In 2016, we opened up a space in downtown Puerto Plata as a new cruise port, Amber Cove, was opened, bringing thousands of tourists into town each week. However, our main customers continued to be hotel tourists and volunteers, as the cruise ship tourists were largely led by guides that took them to expensive jewelry stores where they receive a high commission.

Puerto Plata now is preparing to open yet another cruise port right in town and had made great headway before the pandemic of 2020 struck. It is planned that tourists among the cruise ships will walk freely through town. We are preparing a new and permanent location for our art shop. Although it’s not in a touristic part of town, it is within walking distance from the malecon, which is the boardwalk, where we take visitors on our sea glass excursion!

Please check out our online store and pictures below showing artist trainings.

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