Grassroots Schools Global Affiliates

Since Project Esperanza began working with grassroots schools in 2006, we have been solicited by countless local educators and church school leaders seeking aid for their endeavors. We have rarely been able to support such causes, due to lack of resources, not lack of worthiness. We currently seek support for the following:

Maroquee Community School

Location: Maroquee, Haiti

Maroquee Community School has been educating children for decades, although their resources are extremely scarce. The school takes place inside of a church in a very rural community where there is no running water or electricity. The school asks for a very meager tuition, of which they receive a small fraction from the impoverished parents. However, despite economic challenges, it is always a high priority to send one’s children to school in a nice, clean uniform!

We are soliciting $75 per student for the 2020-2021 school year in order to provide a support to the school in addition to tuition that is collected from parents. Project Esperanza has no legal authority over the school or an employer-employee relationship with any of the school’s staff, but is simply facilitating aid. We hope to be able to obtain sponsorships to pay tuition for students as a first priority, and then reading books and math workbooks as a second priority. Should these goals be met, the third priority is a school meal program. Click the button below to sponsor. Thank you!!

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