Group Home & Foster Care

We run a residential program originally created for Haitian refugee boys who have left their country in order to search for life in the Dominican Republic, their neighboring country. Before entering the home, some lived as servants in homes of other Haitian immigrants while others live on their own with friends and sometimes family members. This population is extremely vulnerable as they walk the streets facing a different language, different culture, and discrimination, while trying to earn a living shining shoes or street vending. Therefore, we have created a program that attempts to help these boys find what they came searching for: life. 

The following blog posts may help one to better understand this situation:

Street Census Redone

Understanding Restavek

Ti Ronal’s Journey to the Dominican Republic

In addition to the group home, we have taken in children (both girls and boys) from both the two communities where we have elementary schools, who have been orphaned or abandoned. You can also read this post for the latest update.

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