High School & Beyond

Change My Stars Scholarships

We provide scholarships to some of our students to continue with their education after 6th grade. School in the Dominican Republic is broken into three phases: inicial which is pre-school, primaria which is 1-6 or elementary school, and media which is 7-12 or high school.

Many of our students are above the normal age for their grade level due to lack of access to education throughout their lives. Many of these students do not continue after elementary school. Some continue by attending a public night school program which is available through the government, thankfully. A select few of our top students that are at or close to the normal age of their grade level receive scholarships to attend a private high school within walking distance from our school in Padre Granero.

The school where we send our students has 25 years of experience, small classroom sizes, and is sensitive to our case of providing the opportunity of education to Haitian immigrant youth. Such a partner has not been easy to find. However, the school is in financial risk of closing. We hope to be able to help prevent that from happening.

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