Sports Outreach

When we first started a day program for boys working and sometimes living in the streets in 2006, the unanimous activity of choice after the tutoring session was over was soccer! They quickly formed their own team, named it Supesta, and began setting up games at the local soccer field. We requested donated jerseys and cleats, and began setting up away games to which we would travel. The team participated in tournaments up until the covid-19 pandemic.

Four of these boys received high school scholarships. One just graduated from high school (Kerenchy) and three more are are on their way!

The team evolved from a team for boys working on the streets, to an extra-curricular for our studentes. Of course, anyone who is not in school is still welcome! We also use it as a bridge to invite those not in school to enroll.

Volunteers often enjoy playing pick up games with the boys during their visits. Some groups, like Blacksburg Baptist, have gotten quite competitive, building it up as the climax of their annual trip! The extent of the team’s activity each year depends on the availability of a dedicated coach and/or supporting volunteers. Please contact us if you are interested in helping!

Here is the team in 2014 in uniforms donated by Pace Academy in Atlanta, Georgia.
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