Volunteer Remotely

If you are unable to spend time in Puerto Plata with us but would like to use your time to help the organization, there are ways you can do that! Here are some of the ways you can help:

Developing Educational Materials – Whether it’s compiling downloaded math worksheets, scanning simple reading books and modifying the text to meet our students’ languages, or creating student of the week certificates, we often have such tasks that someone can help out with from their computer, pretty much anywhere that they have an Internet connection!

Student Sponsor Advocate – We have been financially responsible for two elementary schools in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic for 13 years now! Out of those 13 years, we were only able to recruit sponsors for all of our students one year. We supplement the sponsorships with donations built into volunteer trip fees. However, with the changes 2020 has brought, we can no longer rely on that source.

We have found success in certain advocacy methods, such as displaying a poster with a desk representing each student. The sponsor who agrees to sponsor signs the desk. The advocate attempts to fill all the desks. This is just one of many ideas. If you appreciate the work we do and would like to help us find a sponsor for every student, we would love to hear from you!

Good Fruit Designs Advocate – Good Fruit Designs is our for-profit to help support our non-profit. We sell positively designed t-shirts designed by contest winners. We also sell art products made by our beneficiaries here in Puerto Plata. The website is www.GoodFruitDesigns.com. We also have an in person store in Puerto Plata. If you would like to advocate this in your home town or university, please email GoodFruitDesigns@gmail.com.

Professional Consulting – Sometimes we need the consulting services of professionals, such as lawyers, doctors, arquitects, egineers, etc. We have a volunteer accountant who handles our taxes. If you are interested in offering professional services in other areas, we would truly appreciate it!

Please email Info@EsperanzaMeansHope.org if you are interested in volunteering remotely. Thank you!

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