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Project Esperanza

Project Esperanza primarily (but by no means exclusively) serves the Haitian refugee and immigrant population of Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic in the areas of education, social aid, and community development. 


What do we do?

Carlos Saint Hilaire and Met Wanbert Elie Tireus

EDUCATION – Among other efforts, we run two schools specifically designed for Haitian immigrant children in the Dominican Republic.

Coronavirus lockdown food distributions

SOCIAL AID – We provide housing, food, and family structure for a group of vulnerable youth and young adults. We provide aid when needed to families in the communities where we work.

Tonia Mercer teaching Muñoz ladies

COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT – In collaboration with two universities, we provide small business grants and loans as well as lead artistic trainings and a pathway to sales.

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Where We Work

In Puerto Plata, we mainly serve two communities where there are large amounts of Haitian immigrants living, and where we have our schools. The communities are called Muñoz & Padre Granero.

  • Read more about the community of Muñoz here.
  • Read more about Padre Granero here.

Rating: 5 out of 5.


If you are considering donating or helping this cause in any way you can be guaranteed that your dollar will go as far as possible and that you’ve put your trust in the right place.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Collaboration and solidarity”

Everyone involved made me feel safe and welcomed into the community. I felt like I was working with the locals, not for the locals.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Cultural Insight”

The organization’s administrators, school staff, and the community members are incredible people, who have significant local knowledge to share.


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Recent News

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  • Covid-19 Update
    Thanks to an awesome outpouring of generosity, in April we were able to provide care packages to 157 families. In May, we provided care packages for 207. We raised over $6,500 in to do this! Packages contained: a carton ofContinue reading “Covid-19 Update”