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Met Rene Jouvensky with 4th grade students at the educational farm.

As you may know from experience, running a school is no easy task! We strive to do our best and improve year after year. To date, we have received $0.00 government funding from any country to help cover the costs of running our two pre-school/elementary schools. We strongly believe that a nurturing elementary education for all children will change the island of Hispaniola and the world. We partner with individuals and groups who decide to use their privilege to give this opportunity to those who are denied it otherwise. Will you join us?

Level 1 – an annual donation of $180 which covers daily lunch, a uniform shirt, and some materials. At this level, your sponsored student could be paired with more than one sponsor.

Level 2 – a monthly donation of $30 which covers daily lunch, a uniform shirt, some materials, and contribution to teacher’s salary. (can be paid annually as well – $360)

Level 3 – a monthly donation of $50 which covers daily lunch, a uniform shirt, some materials, contribution to teacher’s salary, and a contribution to the facilities and educational farm field trips. (can be paid annually as well – $600)

All sponsors receive information on their students and work samples, as well as monthly general updates about the schools and organization. Level 2 and 3 sponsors have access to director Caitlin McHale Floreal’s personal blog.

If you have any questions about coming on board as a student sponsor, please email We have different payment options available in addition to the link above, such as automatic ACH bank account withdrawal. You can also set up a recurring PayPal donation.

So far for the 2022-2023 school year, which starts in September, we have 113 of our 250 students fully sponsored. We are urgently seeking more student sponsors to be able to realistically start the new school year.

Thank you to all of our sponsors! We appreciate you all so very much!

FUN FACT: In the United States public school system, the cost of sending one student to school each year is over $12,000. Read more…

UPDATE: We have more students than ever before because of an increased number of Haitians seeking refuge in the Dominican Republic during these extra difficult times in Haiti. Read more…

Celebrating Dominican Independence Day, 27 de febrero.
Our students depend on daily lunch at our schools.

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