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Summer Farm Field Trips

Each summer since 2011, we run a summer immersion English camp, usually for six weeks. This year, that isn’t possible due to covid-19. Therefore, we have been bussing 10 kids each day to our volunteer house and “educational farm” in Muñoz. First, the campers have a lesson with horses at our neighbor’s house. He teachesContinue reading “Summer Farm Field Trips”

A Touch on Racism

The United States and other parts of the world have erupted into protests over the issue of racism. The completely unjust killings of Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd caught on tape and the actions taken by authorities (and lack there of) in the aftermath of these murders have brought the topic of racism to theContinue reading “A Touch on Racism”

Covid-19 Update

Thanks to an awesome outpouring of generosity, in April we were able to provide care packages to 157 families. In May, we provided care packages for 207. We raised over $6,500 in to do this! Packages contained: a carton of 30 eggs, a head of garlic, 4 bouillon cubes, a 1/2 jug of cooking oil,Continue reading “Covid-19 Update”

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