Our Team

Project Esperanza is committed to working in partnership with the local community. Therefore, most of our staff in Puerto Plata are Haitian or Dominican and are community members. As many have limited access to email and English language abilities, we also have a handful of dedicated board members and volunteers abroad that help us to communicate and fundraise. 

Administrative Staff in Puerto Plata: 

Caitlin McHale, Co-Founder & Director:


TBD, Volunteer Coordinator:


Rene Youvensky, Muñoz School Director 

Freide Volquez, Padre Granero School Director

Volunteer Staff in the U.S. and Canada:

Alexis Wells Carpenter, Board Member


Edna-May Hermosillo, Board Member


Reagan Sneed, Sponsor Coordinator


Kathy McHale, Financial Manager:


Additional staff in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic include:

  • 15 teachers
  • 1 school secretary
  • 2 school doormen
  • 3 school kitchen staff
  • 2 school cleaning staff
  • 1 driver
  • 3 group home staff/caregivers
  • 3 volunteer house staff (cook, clean, groundskeeper)

**We also provide random work for about 40 local artists through the art shop.* *

**Due to coronavirus restrictions, we have 7 less teachers, 1 less caregiver, one less doorman, and one less kitchen staff currently employed.**

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