Moving Forward with Math

5th graders taking their math evaluations on the first day of school.

This year we started something new in order to let students work at their own pace in math. Obviously they missed some practice the last school year, and some perform at lower levels than their grade level regardless.

We evaluated each student at the beginning of the year and assigned them a math workbook with about 50 pages of worksheets, full of practice for the topics of each grade level they proved to be functioning at. When they finish the book they were assigned, they are given an evaluation to see if they are ready for the next book. If they pass, they start on the next book. If not, they are given more practice.

We are so proud of the five students who have already finished their first book and are evaluating for their second! Yolguine, a 7th grader is pictured below with the book she completed.

If you are interested in sponsoring a student this school year, we have dozens who have not yet been sponsored. Read more here:

Yolguine Romelus, a 7th grader

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